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Hello, I'm David.  I trained as a fine artist then graduated to pixels and screens at the turn of the century. I'm a digital creative by day, a painter, printmaker and pipe smoker by night.  I'm happiest with a pen in my hand and starting something new. Get in touch and let's make something beautiful together.   


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Drop me a line on
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Other sites


Etsy - Buy my prints & artwork online
Sketchnotes - tumblr of my live sketchnotes
LinkedIn - not nice, but has to be done
SlideShare - slide decks from talks & presentations
Wareham Postcards - matching up photo views old & new
All My Sausages - keeping my pork levels high
Fluff Harvest - a year long experiment
Sketch Crawls - drinking & drawing fun
Project Sausage Roll - A quest for porky perfection