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Making ideas happen


Hello, my name's David. I'm a creative collaborator and digital innovator. I've spent the last few years running a multi award winning innovation lab, where we set out to explore ideas, experiment with new technologies, and excite others with insights and prototypes.   

I've enjoyed working with clients such as Sky, Visa, Pearson, Fujitsu, Lexus and Cancer Research UK, and also collaborating with creative partners Pavillion Dance South West, The Science Museum and Channel 4. 

I trained as a fine artist working with paint and canvas, then switched to pixels and screens at the turn of the century.  When I'm not at work, you'll find me making a mess in the print studio, or out chasing trout on the local chalkstreams. 

I’ll try anything twice but get bored easily. I take nothing too seriously. I sketch more than I write. I try and find the right 'it' to do, before doing 'it' right. I’ve learned teamwork relies on great communication. I get excited easily and try my best to let this rub off on others. I love starting new projects and working with new people.



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A few kind words


"David is curious, creative and innovative. I would highly recommend anyone engaging in a creative conversation with him. You may be surprised by what emerges, and the impact that will have on how you do things."

"David is an artist, inventor, and teacher. He exudes passion for creativity and technology like no one else I've ever known"

"An indomitable force for good in the digital industry, the number of people that David has inspired to follow a path of creativity and invention - be it at the front of a lecture hall, or over a cup of coffee - are innumerable"

"Dave is probably the most creative person I have ever met. The medium doesn't seem to matter - digital, sketch noting, painting - his work is always outstanding."

"He has the skills of an artist coupled with the digital know how that allow his clients to always be thinking one step ahead of the rest. In short one of the most exceptional creatives you could hope to work with."

"He's a pleasure to collaborate with and brings out the best in his team and his clients, taking them places they'd never think they'd go. Any project you'd put him on will be instantly elevated to something you'd remember for the rest of your life. "



Shiny awards


Wirehive Awards - Winner - Best use of Technology - 2016

BIMA AWARDS - Finalist - Phone app & portable sensors -  2015

BIMA AWARDS - Finalist - Best blue sky project - 2014

BIMA AWARDS - Winner - Best blue sky project - 2014

Media & Innovation Awards - Winner - Best creative craft - 2014

Econsultancy Innovation Awards - Winner - Most innovative agency - 2012

Econsultancy Innovation Awards - Winner - Most innovative agency - 2011

BIMA AWARDS - Finalist - ChromaCam web app - 2010

BIMA AWARDS - Finalist - Measuring Christmas Spirit - 2010